Retired Pro Athletes

Professional athletes in retirement use our therapies to re-optimize their health for post career activities

Retired Pro Athletes and Integrative Medicine

BioReset™ is at the forefront of using advanced integrative medicine to treat athletic related injuries. Many ex pro and semi pro athletes have benefited from our procedures over the course of many years. At BioReset™ International we have the ability to conduct even more advanced regenerative techniques to heal current (or old) injuries related to years of joint and bone damage from professional sports. Our purpose is to repair damage from the inside out. Using your bodies on healing system to build back strength and have you back playing sports, running, playing golf and any type of general exercise in ways you never still imagined possible. Treatment solutions are independently constructed based on your sports injury but generally speaking we are able to use various non invasive stem cell and IV therapy treatments to help you, without the need for unnecessary surgery or painful procedures. Clients have come to us with a variety of sports injuries, ranging from:

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Conditions Can Include:

If you are an athlete current or retired and you are suffering from injury or even general wear and tear on your body. Contact us here or call us on 408-854-7777 to discuss if BioReset™ international treatment solutions are right for you.